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Why do I love styled shoots?

Updated: Apr 23

In the creative world of photography and videography, styled shoots stand out as a way for all vendors to bring out their true artistry in terms of exploring their creativity, collaboration and craftmanship into one-of-kind and epic session.

From thinking outside of the box, to unleashing your imagination, doing new and innovative designs or ideas that results in not only stunning visuals, displays or products, but it provides so much opportunity for the media team to go from ordinary to extraodinary.

Go Beyond Creativity

The true intent of styled shoots is for vendors to really go beyond creativity. To explore or even go past their limits in how to push their business to new heights. For us, it is a great way for people to see us in our element and to not only look at our company as just another "photo booth."

We push the boundaries of our set-ups, introduce new and exciting new services or products, and experiment with ways on how to elevate the basic photo booth to an experience. We have transformed our set up to a disco party, to an inviting Halloween set up, we have made each set up for every styled shoot its own.

Collaborate and Listen

What is definitely enriching and very fulfilling is the chance. to meet and work with other vendors within the wedding industry. These shoots gives our Riverside photo booth a chance to work with amazing vendors from all over SoCal. Styled shoots bring together everyone from all aspects of the business from photographers, videographers, content creators, event stylists, makeup artists, florists, bakers, bartenders, event rentals, and so many more!

Styled shoots are an amaxzing opportunity to showcase your work, your talent, your skills, and of course what makes us special. From here, we were able to gain knowledge, skills, and ideas. We have met so many people in the industry that we now call friends and those we often collaborate with and also refer to our valued clients.

Craftmanship Basics

As much as a styled shoot is so much fun and a great way to push ourselves in a controlled environment, it has become a way for us to excel in other parts of our business or ways to create for our photo booth before providing it to our clients.

For each shoot, we try to do one new thing each time. Either introducing a new backdrop, a setup, a service, or product. This helps us practice with it in terms of how it shows up in pictures, or how well it looks from a guest perspective, how the props feel, or how a service is working. We like to be on trend or at least be the trendsetter within our industry and beyond.

This gives us a chance to fine tune each every aspect of our business, use our products and showcase it to our fellow wedding industry vendors.


Styled shoots are an amazing opportunity for all vendors, small or large to come together and explore their ideas, push the boundaries, and provide an innovative setup, product or service that will explore artistic expression but also captivate audiences far and wide, leaving a lasting impression.

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